I spent 18 months working for a ‘national’ selling bathrooms and during that time designed over 80 new bathrooms. Each was unique.


The result of poorly fitted boilers/systems can be catastrophic – only use properly trained and approved personnel to install and maintain any central heating system.


There are 5 types of ‘permanent’ driveway generally available today. These are Tarmac, Block Paving, Resin, Flagstones and Concrete.


There is so much variance in terms of quality, finish, worktops, tiling, sink types/styles, taps and other accessories, and each of these can drastically affect the price.


Working at heights is dangerous. Make sure that you see a copy of the companies Public Liability Insurance Certificate – and make sure that it is valid.


As with all things electric PV panels have improved tremendously over the last few years. They are more efficient, provide more energy (Kw) per panel, and are more reliable. They are also still coming down in price.


We’ll start with rule-of-thumb pricing, then look at costings for options and finally discuss Doors and Windows in a little more detail to help you choose the right type for your needs

Why SaveOnHomeImprovements?

The inspiration for this venture comes from Martin Lewis and his Money Saving Expert website, which gives great advice and saves people hundreds and thousands of pounds daily.

After your home and your car one of your biggest expenses will be for any home improvements that you need, or wish, to make.

This site aims to make that simpler and to save you many hundreds or thousands of pounds in the process.

We will do this in two ways.

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Firstly by offering a FREE eBook which describes the sales process in buying a new Kitchen, Bathroom, Windows, Boiler etc.  By better understanding the dynamics and ‘anatomy’ of the sales process you are better able to get the best price.  This FREE eBook WILL save you many hundreds of pounds.

Secondly we will be writing articles on the main items of home improvements giving some basic information AND indicative pricing.  This has long been an issue for prospective customers – what price is reasonable?  If you only buy new Windows and Doors every 15 years, how do you know that the £10,000 you just got quoted is fair and reasonable?  You didn’t – till now.









What’s in it for us?

Good question.  We all know that there is no such thing as a free lunch.  So why are we giving away a FREE eBook and providing FREE advice?

As the site grows we will recommend products and companies whom we know and have worked with.  If you choose to visit their sites and to actually purchase their product or service, we will get paid a small introduction fee.  This is how we can cover our costs – and hopefully make a small profit too.

We guarantee that any information that we have about you will NOT BE SHARED with anyone without your express and explicit instruction.  There is no hidden ‘tick box’ which means we can sneakily give your details to someone else without you knowing about it.

Thank you for visiting and please feel free to peruse the site.

Mark Roberts